At Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell & Our Team Encompass the Positive American Spirit to Successfully Beat Timeshare Fraud

Many families and individuals have been rescued from their timeshare troubles with the assistance of Wesley Financial Group. Chuck McDowell, as President & CEO, has been at the front lines with the clients of Wesley Financial Group. Chuck McDowell understands all the heart aches that victims of timeshare fraud experience. One thing that Chuck McDowell represents is the positive American spirit, and this permeates throughout Wesley Financial Group. Chuck McDowell and Wesley Financial Group encourage and remind victims of timeshare fraud that there are options out there; and that we can help you successfully overcome timeshare fraud. Despite all the hardships that our clients experience, we do our best to help them to the other side of that difficult time. Our positive American spirit assists us on our journey. Interestingly, many people worldwide observe how optimism is a part of the American spirit.

From Chicago to Orlando, Boston to Seattle, Americans tend to be on the optimistic side. Of course, there are people who sway to the pessimistic side. Yet, overall, Americans tend to be a bit brighter. There’s even an article written about it, exploring how our optimism stems from the very fabric of who we are as a people. Taking this into consideration, our businesses and work ethic are greatly influenced. This includes the timeshare advocacy industry. At Wesley Financial, we see a lot of troubles that our clients experience. We are a problem-solving company. You come to us when things aren’t exactly positive or happy. We’re here to help you overcome. Part of our success lies in our optimism and ability to visualize the rainbow after the storm has settled. Let us look at our national identity and optimism, and how this coincides with our ability to be a successful company.

Our National Identity & Optimism

In an article written online for The Atlantic, author Jared Keller discusses the optimism observed in American culture. “So why are Americans so optimistic? A growing number of psychologists Wesley Group Timeshare - Our National Identityand sociologists believe it’s the Western world’s distinct tradition of individualism—and Americans’ fervent embrace of it—that helps the U.S. respond to uncertainty and turmoil with an eye towards a brighter future.” (Keller, 2015). At Wesley Financial, we come to the aid of our clients when there is much uncertainty in their lives due to timeshare problems. We don’t have the ability to make magic of nowhere, although it may seem like we do when we make your timeshare problems disappear. Our hard work ethic and optimism pushes us forward so that we can do the utmost for our clients.

It turns out that everyone can be either an optimist or pessimist. The article continues, “It’s actually not that people are inherently optimistic or pessimistic; we’re wired for both,” says Dr. Edward C. Chang, a clinical psychologist who runs the Perfectionism and Optimism-Pessimism Lab at the University of Michigan. “It’s a dual process mechanism, the sort of daily meditation that helps people regulate their expectations. It’s this psychological process that keeps people from becoming so optimistic they’re like Mr. Magoo, or so pessimistic they fall into a pit of despair. The two complement each other; whether you’re more or less optimistic or pessimistic is heavily dependent on the culture you live in, the culture that shapes your values.”” (Keller, 2015). At Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell and our entire team epitomize the positive aspects that make up the American spirit.

Americans Lean Towards Positivity

The article further discusses how American culture in particular leans towards positivity. “Studies suggest broad cross-cultural differences with respect to optimism. Some researchers, including Chang, have suggested that Western cultures may promote independent notions of the self-more than Eastern cultures that stress interdependence. Even if that is accurate, though, it would not explain what distinguishes the U.S. in particular from other Western nations. If individualism is all it takes to make an optimistic culture, why aren’t the Germans and French as exuberant as Americans? It may be that Americans take Western individualism to a different level than their European counterparts. While individualism runs deep in European civil society, it’s a patriotic norm in the United States, a matter of national identity and a sacrosanct mantra of living as a red-blooded American: work hard, play fair, and look on the bright side.” (Keller, 2015).

““When you think about American culture broadly, it centers entirely on the independent self and the happiness of the self, and not just in a general way,” Chang explains. “It’s ingrained in the culture as an explicit, essential value — we’re hit over the head with American freedom and liberty and rugged individualism so much so that explicit pessimism isn’t actually tolerated that much in our society.”” (Keller, 2015). Indeed, the can-do attitude of American spirit has its roots in our national optimism. At Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell and our team don’t surrender when the going gets tough. We continue to fight for the benefit of our clients against giant timeshare corporations. You won’t get swallowed whole with the help of Wesley Financial Group. Chuck McDowell and our team are here by your side.

American = Optimist?

Wesley Group Timeshare - American OptimistThe article makes it apparent that our background as Americans helps us help our clients. We do what we can because we know that we can make change happen for our clients. They don’t have to be the victims of circumstance. “Data from both Pew and the World Values Survey suggest that the centrality of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in American life actually does translate into positive views of self and perceptions of personal control that are correlates of psychological optimism. When asked if “success in life is pretty much determined by forces outside our control,” Americans disagreed far more than citizens in other advanced economies surveyed.” (Keller, 2015). At Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell and the entire team do their utmost for clients. Both a strong work ethic and optimism are integral parts of our company at Wesley Financial Group. Chuck McDowell and our team will do everything in their power to help you fight timeshare fraud.

Beating Timeshare Fraud with American Spirit

The article further states, “As Harvard researcher Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn argues in the Journal of Happiness, Americans maximize their happiness by working and Europeans do so through leisure. “Americans may work more because they believe more than Europeans do that hard work brings success,” writes Okulics-Kozaryn.” (Keller, 2015). At Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell and our team work very hard to successfully help you cancel your timeshare or reduce your level of ownership. If we don’t think that we can successfully help you, then we will let you know. We have been fighting timeshare corporations since 1989. As leaders in the timeshare advocacy industry, we have a 100% proven success rate. Contact our offices to schedule a time to speak with a member of our team. Even if you are pessimistic about your situation, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to us.

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