Chuck McDowell

Wesley Financial’s Chuck McDowell Embodies Trustworthiness

Wesley Group Timeshare - Embodies TrustworthinessWhat is it about someone that makes them special? How come some people stand out from the crowd? What makes them exceptional? To piece together the various components that create an exceptional individual, we need to look at the essence of that person. Chuck McDowell embodies what it means to be a strong leader. Most importantly, Chuck McDowell has risen to the top because he is trustworthy. Trustworthiness is a trait that seems nearly gone in today’s world. Indeed, trustworthiness was a valued personality trait yesterday and remains such today. However, to truly find a trustworthy person can seem rare.


In an article written for by Ivette Caballero, Caballero explores the key traits behind trustworthiness. In her article, titled, “7 Keys Traits of Highly Trustworthy People”, she explores these key traits in detail. Caballero states, “It takes time to know other people and find out if they are trustworthy or not. You can learn about other people by spending time with them and by paying attention to their behavior—this is one of the best ways to determine if someone is trustworthy. If you are a trustworthy person, it will be easier for you to recognize another person like you.” (Caballero, 2016).

But what if you don’t have the requisite amount of time to determine whether someone is trustworthy or not? Caballero continues, “Assuming things about people will not give you an accurate description of how trustworthy they are. Neither are first impressions a good indicator of trustworthiness. Moreover, the trustworthiness of a person cannot be based on your emotions or perceptions. Fortunately, there are character traits that you can observe and analyze in people to help you determine if they are worthy of your trust or not.” (Caballero, 2016). This means that although we might not have days or weeks to determine whether someone is trustworthy or not, there are some traits that we can observe to help us figure out if they are trustworthy or not.

Caballero states a fact that we all can agree on: “Trustworthy people make the world a better place to live in. To live more happily and more successfully, you need trustworthy people in your life—and you also need to be a trustworthy person. Building and keeping trustworthy relationships is a reciprocal and ongoing effort, it’s a lifestyle that you choose to embrace—or not.” (Caballero, 2016).

The first trait that Caballero emphasizes is respect. “Trustworthy people are respectful. Trustworthy people respect themselves and others, too. They believe that respect is to be given to every human being—they don’t resource to intimidation or humiliation tactics to show disrespect to others. Trustworthy people possess good manners and strong values. Respect leads to trust.” (Caballero, 2016). No matter where our clients come from; at Wesley Financial, we treat all our clients with respect.

The second trait Caballero mentions is honesty. “Trustworthy people are honest. Trustworthy people show themselves as they are—transparent from the inside out. They acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses, too—they don’t pretend to know it all. Trustworthy people say what they mean and mean what they say.” She emphasizes, “Honesty walks along with trust.” (Caballero, 2016). Chuck McDowell is honest about how he worked in the timeshare industry before, and how he now uses his skills to help those who have been duped by timeshare companies.

Third, Caballero states, “Trustworthy people are consistent. Trustworthy people have consistency in what they say and what they do. They are the same at work, at home, and everywhere else—they don’t pretend to be someone else. Trustworthy people are reliable, responsible, accountable, and resourceful.” Caballero states, “Consistency reinforces trust.” (Caballero, 2016). You can watch a video about Chuck McDowell on our website and see how the President & CEO of Wesley Financial stays consistent throughout his message and by example.

Caballero continues with the list and states, “Trustworthy people are caring. Trustworthy people show genuine interest in others. They know the importance of nourishing their relationships—they refuse to participate in gossip and any negative talk about others. Trustworthy people are helpful and value people’s time and efforts.” To summarize she says, “Caring for others builds trust.” (Caballero, 2016). At Wesley Financial Group, we believe in treating others as we would like to be treated. We care deeply for our clients.Wesley Group Timeshare - Office Workers Consulting

At Wesley Financial Group, we know that we wouldn’t be any more without our clients. Caballero’s fifth trait speaks to this. “Trustworthy people are grateful. Trustworthy people appreciate the trust others place in them. They are supporting and encouraging of their family, friends, and co-workers—they don’t take people or things for granted. Trustworthy people express gratitude to others.” Caballero states, “Gratitude is an expression of trust.” (Caballero, 2016).

“Trustworthy people are positive. Trustworthy people are a good influence in the life of others. They speak positively and inspire others to be more and accomplish more—they don’t expect anything in return. Trustworthy people bring out the best in others and cherish their lives.” Caballero emphasizes, “Positive actions plant seeds of trust.” (Caballero, 2016). The President & CEO of Wesley Financial Group, Chuck McDowell, is a positive force in our company. His positivity is infectious, and every team member stays so.

Lastly, Caballero says that, “Trustworthy people are selfless. Trustworthy people make others feel better about themselves. They see the potential in others and help them develop their talents—they don’t focus on people’s limitations. Trustworthy people thrive on preparing others to be excellent and succeed.” She emphasizes, “Selflessness is an act of trust.” (Caballero, 2016). At Wesley Financial Group, we aim for all these traits. Caballero’s list is an excellent way to view trustworthiness.

Wesley Financial Group & Trustworthiness

To have a leader, such as Chuck McDowell, possess trustworthiness only reinforces the characteristic throughout a business or company. Leaders, like our Chuck McDowell, lead by example. This has a profoundly positive effect on company culture. At Wesley Financial Group, we feel this trustworthiness permeate our business because it is a characteristic of our company as well. Clients rest assure knowing that they won’t get the wool pulled over their eyes. At Wesley Financial Group, we tell it like it is because our clients have the right to know what is really going on. As a leader in the timeshare advocacy industry, Wesley Financial Group’s team moves forward with integrity and trustworthiness.

If you or someone you know has been taken advantage of by the timeshare industry, call our offices. If you are trying to cancel your timeshare or reduce your level of ownership, we may be able to help you. You can rest assured that we won’t tell you things just because we think that’s what you want to hear. We’re here to help you. We can only help you out of timeshare fraud if we speak the truth. Trustworthiness should be something you expect out of every company and industry. Since 1989, Wesley Financial Group has been a trustworthy leader in the timeshare advocacy field. Contact our offices for more information.

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