Addressing Complaints

With the Help of Wesley Financial Group, Complaints About Timeshare Problems Erode Away: Finding the Optimum Way to Complain

In life, sometimes we want to put blinders on. Maybe we feel like pulling the shades down because it would offer us some relief; relief from the realization that our troubles are right outside the door. Timeshare problems can weigh you down and cause problems that you didn’t see coming. Hiding in a cave or selectively choosing what we look at won’t make our troubles go away. If we ignore them if often makes them worse. That is why most of us resort to complaining.

Complaining Towards a Solution

As we complain, sometimes we can address an issue head on and find a solution. Maybe that solution is what we needed all along, but if we didn’t complain we wouldn’t have come up with it. When we think of complaining, we think of it involving more than just one person. Sure, we could complain to ourselves, but it is far more effective when there is someone else listening. With the ability to complain and find solutions, we know that complaining isn’t all that bad. As a matter of fact, there may be a better way to do it.

In an article by Danielle Page, she talks about the ways in which you can complain better.

“As it turns out, there’s some science behind the art of complaining. Here’s a look at how complaining can improve your mental state, boost your overall level of happiness and even benefit your relationships — if you do it the right way.” (Page, 2017). With the help of Wesley Financial Group, complaints about the troubles timeshares have brought into your life will disappear.

Express Yourself

Wesley Group Timeshare - Express YourselfWhen you take the opportunity to express how you feel about being duped in a timeshare and complain about it – it might be effective at helping you find a solution. “What makes an effective complaint versus one that’s just going to make the situation at hand feel worse? Shadeen Francis, a licensed marriage and family therapist practicing in Philadelphia, says that one key differentiator is whether or not you’ve got a solution in mind. “Complaining for the purpose of resolving a concern or grievance is helpful for mental health, as it is a way to channel your needs into actionable outcomes,” she says. “This can lead to positive experiences like self-awareness (mindfulness) and happiness.”” (Page, 2017). At Wesley Financial Group, complaints about timeshare companies are frequent. We expect our clients to have a lot to say about the bad experiences that they have been through with timeshare scams. With the assistance of Wesley Financial Group, complaints about these timeshare scams may help you find the solution you’ve been looking for. The most important thing is that you reach out to us for help as you as discover that you’ve been scammed. When you start complaining about your timeshare experience, that’s usually a telltale sign that something might be wrong.

Page’s article further discusses useful complaints. “And there’s research to back this up: A study conducted by Robin Kowalski, a psychology professor at Clemson University, found that the more pet peeves participants had about current or past relationships, the less highly they ranked themselves in areas of happiness and mindfulness. In the paper, Kowalski and her colleagues concluded that mindfulness “may be a means of attenuating one’s likelihood of expressing pet peeves when one is feeling happy. Perhaps people who are more mindful modulate the type of complaints they offer, preferring to engage in instrumental types of complaints over expressive complaints, thereby expressing complaints only when they believe they will accomplish desired outcomes.”” (Page, 2017).

Solutions to Problems

Page continues to dissect complaining and how it may help. “Francis echoes the effectiveness of complaints that are solution oriented rather than ruminating on a pet peeve that can’t (or won’t) be fixed. “It makes a difference whether you are approaching from unfiltered negativity or if you have a positive overall outlook and are making a specific complaint about an experience that is troubling you,” says Francis. “Complaining without potential solutions or the intention of positive outcome fuels further negativity and is off-putting to those you are complaining to.”” (Page, 2017). No matter how you are complaining about your timeshare issues, we want to hear about your problems. At Wesley Financial Group, complaints about timeshare scams are a part of our job. We’re here to help you to get to the other side of your timeshare problem.

“Short bursts of complaints are preferable so stress hormones don’t build. “Complaining as a means to an (better) end is key — doing so without a plan of action is where your mental state starts to feel the effects. So, it’s no surprise that venting, or going on one long rant, is harmful to our mental health. Aside from not having a favorable outcome in mind, venting is also typically the result of Wesley Group Timeshare - Creating Solutionsholding something in that’s been eating away at you for too long — which comes with its own set of health implications.” (Page, 2017). At Wesley Financial Group, complaints are common about timeshare scams. That’s why we encourage you to address any issues you have with your timeshare as soon as possible. If you wish to reduce your level of ownership or cancel your timeshare, contact us. If we are unable to help you, we will let you know. However, we won’t know if we can help you until you contact us.

When you discover yourself complaining, maybe it’s time to investigate whether something can be done about your situation. “Holding in feelings has a negative impact on mental and physical health,” explains Stephanie O’Leary, PsyD, practicing in Westchester, NY. In a study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 50 healthy undergraduate students were asked to write about a past traumatic experience. Doing so was found to relieve stress and improve their immune system. “Short bursts of complaints are preferable so stress hormones don’t build,” O’Leary says. “If you’re prone to holding things in and then having a rant, practice writing down what’s bothering you at the end of the day and if you see an issue show up two days in a row, know it’s time to address it directly.”” (Page, 2017). At Wesley Financial Group, complaints about timeshare fraud are a part of what we help our clients deal with. Although Page’s article is useful, we don’t judge how you choose to express your frustration with timeshare fraud.

With the assistance of Wesley Financial Group, complaints about your timeshare problems can be helpful to us when discovering the details as to how you were duped. Timeshare scams are rampant. At Wesley Financial Group, complaints about your timeshare troubles will disappear when you come to us for help. Since 1989, Wesley Financial Group has been helping many people overcome their timeshare problems. It doesn’t matter how you complain, we just want to help you past these timeshare issues. We have a 100% proven success rate. Call us today to speak with one of our team members about finding a solution for you.

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